Constantin Papakonstantinou- Global Digital Talent & Content Director at L’Oreal Paris

Constantin Papakonstantinou- Global Digital Talent & Content Director at L’Oreal Paris

Today I have a new interview with the one and only Constantin Papakonstantinou Global Digital Talent & Content Director at L’Oreal Paris

First of all tell me some things about you after we start the mini interview 😀

So my name is Constantin Papakonstantinou 😉 well I was born and raised in Athens, Greece by the seaside where I lived till I was 17. I then chose to move to the UK and pursue my studies in the field of business, which led me to land an internship and eventually a job at L’Oréal Paris. Paris is my home for the past five years and counting, I love this place and everything that it represents. I’m trying to be vegetarian but so far it’s a bit complicated for me haha I speak French, English, Greek and a bit of Italian and beginner Japanese. Is that enough?

Yep ♥

Ok, so let’s begin the interview :

What exactly guided you towards photography and when did you discover you’ve got a passion for this medium?

So my main focus is actually image creation on  content & social media as well as talent management. Photography was a natural aftermath if you would like as Instagram became a thing. So one thing led to another – very chicken /egg situation 😉

What is your motto?

You are only as good as you want to be.

Do you remember your first shooting? How was it?

Haha yes it was for L’Oréal and it was with Barbara during a tv ad for a mascara called Miss punky. Barbs has a blond wig on, the whole thing was interesting to say the least ?.

After some time you’ve managed to become one of the most famous photographers in France, how was this experience for you? Did your love change in any way?

I don’t claim to be a photographer as for me It’s a true art that I don’t necessarily own 🙂 so lets hope I’m more famous for achieving a strong social media presence for the brands that I represent 😉

How did your collaboration with L’Oréal Paris start?

It started when I was 19 and an intern. Then I got hired as a full time employee for marketing development as at the time (2012) social media was not a thing. Since then, my full time job has changed pretty much every single year – oh the power of social ?.

Due to all the L’Oréal Paris campaigns you’ve managed to get in touch with some of the most well known models, what was one of the most darring camping? Tell me a funny story from shooting .

Hmm daring campaign? We don’t have that ?? but we do have beautiful campaigns in great locations my all time favorite being the one we shot in Palm Springs in the middle of nowehere – really felt like an all American movie set – something I truly adore – same spot that Gaga had shot her Telephone  ☎ music video.

How do you balance your work and personal life?

Haha I don’t. It’s kind of complicated to be able to be good at everything. So I do meditate daily to keep a straight mind and I take one half day a week for myself.

When you found out you were going to work with Balmain, how did you react?

Haha well I kind of initiated it so I’m happy it actually came to life 😉

How was it to work together with Oliver Rousteing, the Balmain designer?

Great. He is one of the hardest people in the Industry and for me that’s the outmost motivation to work w a person like that .

What other photography projects have you got in store for the future?

Well I’m trying to expand my projects with celebrities so there is some great collaborations coming through soon, wait and see #2018

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